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Good leadership will inspire others to be great, significant leaders will release others to be greater than themselves.

By not allowing leadership to be developed in others will kill your organisation. The insecure leader is probably the most dangerous person in an organisation.

Targets encourage under-achievement

How many people have targets as part of their career? Probably most of us do.

How well do they motivate staff to achieve the productivity required?

Let me suggest that setting targets can actively encourage under-achievement within your organisation.

I know it may seem like just semantics but wouldn’t “minimum requirements” or “minimum numbers” be better than “targets”?

By definition a target is something to set your sites on and to aim at, where close enough can be good enough. For example if I have a sales target of 100 new policies per month, I will aim to achieve 100 policy sales. I am not encouraged to sell more than the target, as the target may be shifted next month. There have been many occasions where people have over achieved then the actual figures have been the new target for the following month. The staff member will eventually feel like they are never able to reach their goals because they keep moving.

Now there may be rewards for over achieving, but these rewards are elusive when the goalposts keep moving.

Minimum achievement levels would be a better way to enforce standards, because the staff member knows what the basic requirements are. Get staff members to set their own personal targets over the minimum based on their ability and capability to achieve them.

There is a saying that if you aim for the ceiling you’ll miss it but if you aim for the sky you will travel so much further.

These minimum levels should also be realistic both for the staff members level and ability and in line with the company’s productivity guidelines.

You will have an assurance of the level of productivity and your staff will receive the encouragement and personal satisfaction to achieve their own and the business’s goals.

Happy motivated staff will produce far better results than frustrated ones not wanting to achieve greatness because they fear that will move the goalposts.

ME/CFS Support

ME/CFS Awareness 2009

ME/CFS Awareness 2009

I have seen first hand a very active person (my wife) who was committed to community life and to work become 11 years ago, at first, bed ridden and still all these years later still not able to even consider regular involvement in any activity.

As a supporter of someone with ME/CFS I have seen her have very bad days and not as bad days.

One thing we decided early that we needed to budget energy like money, that is you can only spend it once, and there is no saving scheme.

I have become aware of the issues that people with chronic illness face but because I have never experienced the debilitating effects myself I can only offer support and not direct sympathy as to what the condition is like.

What is strange is that I am part of a community that knows me as a man alone and not part of a couple, because she has not been by my side for the last 11 years at meetings, Church and other social events etc.

There is still a lack of awareness and understanding of people with ME/CFS and although people mean well very few actually commit to long term support of both the person with the illness or the support for the family of the affected person.

Although people see her with a smile on her face they don’t see the weary person behind the mask, they often say “your looking well” but she knows how she is really feeling.

As much as we try to explain what the condition is like people are generally to busy to take notice and sometimes the saying “out of sight out of mind” is so true.

I think it is time to raise the awareness of this condition, not for sympathy but for understanding and support physically, emotionally and spiritually for people with ME/CFS.

Paul S Allen

May 2009

Paul Allen

Throw out your To-Do list

Have you ever been paralysed by a to-do list that keeps getting longer?

Perhaps it’s time to stop doing them and work on those things that the highest priorities for your business.

Group tasks together under major headings then match the importance of those categories to the goals and values of your organisation.

Then start with the most important first. Don’t be fooled by the urgent, there are at times urgent things that should get our attention, but the main area that you should focus on is the important.

There are many thing that can distract you through out your day, perhaps when you are feeling distracted the most stand up stretch get the blood flowing again then make a clear decision to get the task down.

It is amazing how a micro rest can clear your head and improve your productivity.

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