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Things to remember about social networking sites.

The advance of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace and the like have become very popular ways to keep in contact with the world, but there are a few things that are worth remembering.

Be careful what you talk about, no mater how private you think your conversation is the internet is a public forum. Once you have posted a comment other people can copy, forward and publish it anywhere all with reference to you.


  • It is public
  • Once posted it will always be there, (you may delete it but others may still have copies)
  • Do not post anything that you would not want your boss, spouse, partner, friends, mother, father children, pastor or spiritual leader to see.
  • There are dangerous people out there, unfortunately,  so be careful with photos and personal information.
  • It is not a numbers game, quality beats quantity.
  • There have been people who have lost their jobs as a result of material posted on social networking sites.
  • Potential employers are starting to check applicants sites to asses the character of potential new staff.
  • Do not post anything you may regret tomorrow.

One more thing, ask yourself this when accepting a follower, fan or friend; Would you invite this person into you house alone or would it be acceptable or appropriate to bring this person into your home? If the answer is no, don’t invite them into your network.

It is OK to be selective, you don’t have to accept everyone, and do not be offended if people don’t accept your requests or invitations, there could be good reasons.

Enjoy the opportunities that come from social networking but take care out there.

Paul Allen

How to remove objectionable followers from Twitter


Thank you Lynne for this.


Lynne Hoenig
Delete or Edit for 15 minutes
Hey, I found a way to remove unwanted followers! If you go to your settings and change your updates to private, when you bring up your list of followers there’s a “remove” tab next to each one, including the ones you blocked recently. Click “remove” and they’re gone! If you don’t want your updates to be private, just change it back and the removed followers will still be gone. It takes a little more effort than before, but until the bug is fixed, there’s a way to get them off your list.

The Importance of Deep Interpersonal Communication and Collaboration

The Importance of Deep Interpersonal Communication and Collaboration

Dialogue vs Conversation

Conversation is good but dialogue is a meeting of minds, we need more of the latter. How often do we speak, write or type without giving time to really think about what we wish to communicate. The other side of communication is listening, how good are we at listening to what is & isn’t being communicated? Listening is a form of generosity, that is both rare and valuable and something we all can do. The next step in communication is, understanding what has been communicated. True understanding happens when what I hear you saying, what you mean and my interpretation of that are all the same.

Paul Allen

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