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True Unity


In a world where there is so much need why does there exist rivalry between different agencies to meet the need?

Is it because of funding, ideologies, or worse power?

Where does unity fit into this, can it fit?

There are many great causes around the world whether it is poverty, injustice or health related, but there are also seemingly competing agencies or organizations that are competing to get the resources or the following required to be able to win the cause.

Unity does not come from oneness of action but oneness of purpose.

Each part plays its own role, as like the body, a hand is not better than the eye, or the ear better than the legs. All parts are important to achieve a unified life.

Each individual part may have its own function to play but it is only significant when it is part of the rest of the body.

Recognising that your organization is only part of a solution is important as it allows others to freely fill the gaps, perhaps where there are crossover areas collaboration should occur.

Indeed collaboration and partnerships are the sinews and ligaments that hold the body together.

In the fight to beat world poverty or hunger or even an environmentally friendly world, what we need is dialogue between agencies, governments, industry, and communities that while recognising differences can utilise each parts unique quality to build a better world.

The major hindrance to significance is ego. Significant change comes from an understanding that it is not about the individual but rather society; other rather than self; the next generations to come rather than “what’s in it for me”.

While it is right that someone should be in the coordinating leadership role, that person should be a servant whose purpose is to work to make sure that the cause is completed for the sake of all, not just for the glory.

Unity comes from recognising that differences are important and should be valued, celebrated, and that together doing our own special part we can see the cause won.

Paul Allen

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