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Surviving Leadership

Tips for leaders on how to survive leadership

Remember leaders are human, they are not perfect and they make mistakes.

Leadership has sometimes been described as a lonely place; this should not be. As a leader you need to establish key relationships and friendships outside of your organisation. These people should be able to give clear and objective views about you and support you in your leadership.

Leaders need to be accountable to others.

Establish great governance structures around you.

Learn to delegate, equip those you delegate to and empower them to be able to make decisions on their own.

Let those people you have delegated tasks to do the tasks without your input or micro managing.

Learn to serve, a great leader is a great servant and people will follow a strong example.

Leaders are, by nature, involved in the lives of people. Learn to manage people well.

Learn to manage your time well. If you say you will be there at a certain time be there at that time, just as you expect others to do.

Have a clearly defined and written job description for your role as a leader and stick to it. It should include what all your levels of delegated authority are.

Know when it is your responsibility to make decisions and when it is not your responsibility to make them.

The health of the leader is the responsibility of the leader alone. (Physical/mental/emotional/spiritual.)

Have a healthy respect for the role of leadership; do not be afraid of questions that appear to challenge your decisions/values/beliefs.

Investigate all opposing arguments to your own opinions to find the truth, and then be prepared to face the truth and act on it.

Leaders are not invincible

Honesty and humility are the greatest character traits a leader should possess.

All organizations have people in them therefore all organizations are political.  Learn to deal with politics.

Have people you can safely offload to. Deal with personal issues quickly and appropriately with the right people.

Take time to learn, develop your skills.

Recreation time is essential to refocus and strengthen yourself.

There is freedom when you recognise that all leaders are just fallible humans.

The key to being a great leader or fulfilling any other role is to learn how to “be” before you start to “do”.

Paul S Allen

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