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Small Things Matter

Small Things Matter

“Despise not the day of small beginnings”*

I have said it before that the bigger the vision the more the small details matter. The world’s largest structures are held together by some of the smallest parts. A single missing rivet can and has caused aeroplanes to crash and a simple “O” ring worth about 20 cents, which is faulty can have catastrophic results for space travel.

Small does not ever mean insignificant.

This principle is especially important to the leaders and visionaries of the world today. We may have big plans and goals for a brave new world, but unless we can work out the details of what it is and how it is going to be achieved it will remain just a dream.

The details matter, are the taxes paid, has the mail been posted, have all the rivets on the plane been counted?

It doesn’t mean that the CEO needs to check that the mail is collected, but it does mean they have to get someone to do it.

Team members are vital for the success of any organisation; people are never small and insignificant. Everyone within your organisation represents the whole of your organisation, whether they are the manager, the cleaner, the receptionist or the accounts clerk, every one of them plays a critical part in making sure your goals are achieved.

How much time or effort do you invest not just in saying how good your business is, but in showing just how important your staff are?

Remember the biggest structures in the world are only as strong as the smallest parts that make up the foundations.

Paul S Allen

*Zechariah 4:10 (Old Testament of the Bible)

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