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Be Creative

Without the crowds adulation would an artist play, write or create?

A true artist, writer, musician or other creative person will always create with or without the crowd, as it is an inherent need within them to do so. For some they have to write, they have always a note book to record thoughts, others take photographs of things they wish to paint. What ever the method the creative person is always looking for an outlet for the gifts they have within them.

What are your creative gifts?

Don’t limit yourself to thinking about poetry, music, art or dance. What do you do that you find releases your creative flow?

Carpenters love to create fine furniture. gardeners love to grow vegetables or flowers, some people love to create and organize large events.

Being creative allows you do realize what you are good at and are passionate about, it is an important factor of a successful life.

Be creative, innovative, imaginative, think, dream, sing, dance, move, knit, sew, cook, it is within the capacity of every person to be creative at some level. It is what we are meant to be.

Be creative today, start doing something, anything, but allow yourself to be creative today.

Paul S Allen

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