Daily Archives: 08/01/2010

Build on Purpose not Personality

Will your organization survive without you? Start to plan your future and train your successor now.

It doesn’t matter how old your organization or business is, think about the future who will lead it when you are not there?

If an organization is built around a person (you) what will happen to it if that person is unable to fulfill the role?

Organizations whether business, church, not-for-profit or any other type, need to be built around vision and not a person.There is a danger when an organization is built around the “cult of personality” that if something should happen to the “person” the organization will cease to function.

Questions to ask about your organization…

Why does it exist?
Who does it exist for?
What is its core purpose?
What are its core values?
What does the structure revolve around?
What plan does the organization have for succession?
What is the core vision for the organization?

A significant organization is built around a purpose not a person.

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