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Vision and Leadership

Can you state your vision in 5 words or less? Clearly stated vision is easier to follow.

For vision to be achieved it must have commitment by the leader, organization and followers over a long period of time. A vision that changes every year, every few months or even a poorly stated vision will bring confusion, disappointment and disillusionment.

If a vision is established well it will last beyond the leader/s who started it.

It is essential that if a leader cannot commit to the vision they have set, they should look at moving aside so that the vision can be realized by the people who can. This is not to say that this should be seen as negative, sometimes a person is a visionary entrepreneur, that is a person who finds it easy to see need and to establish a plan to solve it. When this plan is established they should immediately find someone to take it over, then relinquish all control and authority to them (no strings attached) and move on to a new venture.

An overly controlling leader will destroy the creativity and the leadership capacity of those within their organisation.

A clearly stated vision also avoids confusion, and division. It helps with developing job descriptions for leaders, managers and staff.

So what is your organizations vision?

Paul S Allen

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