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Life Is Hard

Lets face it, sometimes life is hard.

When work/life pressure is high there are times that we do not cope well, this is not sinful or wrong it just means you need help. This pressure can be too much to deal with alone so it is perfectly acceptable, and right, to ask for help.

Take time to recover, deal with the issues and become healthy, don’t rush it. Do not just look at dealing with the symptoms but deal with the causes. Get help, professional help, and don’t fool yourself into thinking that things will get better without intervention.

Deal with the issues.

For some this will mean taking time out from you usual routines to sort out your relationships, get medical assistance, deal with your addictions and habits (whatever they are drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, sex, gambling, internet and so many more) and look at the big picture of your life to get clear perspective.

You do not have to be alone in this process, there is help available but you will need to look for it. Your pride and ego will try to prevent you from seeking help, have the courage to swallow your pride and deal with the issues.

Pride will stop you enjoying a healthy and whole life.

Once you have regained your health put systems in place to alert you before you reach your personal trouble areas.

If you are a leader make sure there are systems in place in  your organisation before it needs to cope with your absence. Ask yourself “is it right that the health of the organisation is dependent on the health of the leader?”. Remember that the health of the leader is the leaders own responsibility.

Life is hard sometimes so deal with the issues, get help and don’t let pride stop you from living a healthy life.

Paul S Allen

Depression helpline (New Zealand) 0800 111 757 (

Free Text 5626 for help (New Zealand) (

Lumen Accipe et Imperti

Lumen Accipe et Imperti
(Receive the light & pass it on).

This is the motto of my old High School, Rongotai College, I didn’t think to much of it then, but the older I get the more I realise that it is increasingly relevant.

The knowledge and experience we all have inside us will pass to nothing when we die unless we pass on the flame to others while we live.

Socrates describes education as follows  “Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kindling of a flame.” How true this is; the passing of the flame of knowledge/passion/values/vision/faith to the next generation is vitally important.

Let me encourage everyone that the life-skills, knowledge and the experience you have is valuable and important to others. It is your job to share that knowledge. Remember that when one candle lights another the first does not diminish, it is vital to pass your skills and gifting on to others.

Be a mentor or a coach, be an encourager, be a leader, be a significant person in the life of someone else that they can grow and achieve great things, things that we can hardly imagine.

Pass the flame onto others.

Lumen Accipe et Imperti

Paul S Allen

Barriers to Success

As a leader there are many ways to encourage success in others, but there are often times when there are barriers to success.

These could include

  • unachievable targets
  • Not providing the full resources for the task
  • Providing an “all responsibility and no authority” approach to delegation
  • Tacking back control at the first sign of success
  • A lack of training

What ever barriers there are  need to have the same approach as occupational health and safety procedures, that is…

  • Eliminate the problem
  • Isolate the problem
  • Minimise the problem

It is important to develop ways to ensure that the people given  tasks to do, have a chance to succeed. As a delegating leader it is your sole purpose to see people achieve the tasks allocated to them, their failure is your responsibility.

Be a significant delegating leader.

Paul S Allen

A New Day

A new day starts and all things are new, well not quite I still have the same face, although I need a shave, I will still probably have a morning cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal as I usually do. But something has changed.

Each new day is a canvas waiting to be painted, what goes on it is up to you, you control the brush, and the colours that are used are based on your attitude.

Life may throw many things before you, some you will like and some you won’t, but it is how you respond to them that will determine the success and well-being you have. We have the control of our own canvas, we can and will paint a picture today, and the question is will it be a masterpiece? That is up to you.

Each new day brings a canvas of its own each and each one will combine to tell a story of your whole life. Even if things have gone badly up to now it could be  today that will be the day that things change. If your stuck, get lessons, talk with good people to help you paint. Remember it is you who holds the brush.

Hold onto hope; determine for you to start today fresh, with each new canvas start to paint a masterpiece.

Paul S Allen

Unpopular Leadership

A significant leader is someone who dares to stand alone to bring about significant change, to challenge  injustice, or to address a need.

Where there exists institutional injustice or oppression a significant person who stands for what is right will always be seen a a rebel and a troublemaker, but undeterred by what they see around them they will stand for what is right, honourable and true. Such a person is a leader.

It is important to recognize that a title of positional leadership does not mean that the person with the title is a leader.  A true leader will say and do what is right rather than what is popular. If a leader always does what is popular they are a follower not a leader regardless of title.

The significant leader is a person who will do what is right and will say what is right regardless of the consequence to themselves. Such a leader will lay down their role to see the vision fulfilled, walking away from any positional leadership to see someone else better suited take over applauding them in the process.

Paul S Allen

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