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Appoint Staff With Care

Playing favourites may be OK in horse racing but in leadership it can lead to the destruction of relationships and distrust among those you are leading. Appointing leaders on a “flavour of the month” basis will not advance the organisation, but will see people burn-out because they are being given roles they are not equipped, prepared or are ready to carry.

When you need to appoint someone to a position in your organization what do you do?

The primary thing to do is to clearly define what the role is and what is expected of the role, then look for the person with the right skill-set to best fulfill that role. This may be from your inner circle of people but make sure that the process is transparent, if you need to look wider do so.

Be careful when appointing friends to positions of responsibility, you need to ask the question am I prepared to lose a friend. Establish very clear boundaries, job descriptions, expectations. Get these in writing, and stick to them. Let business be business and friendship be friendship. The closer the relationship is the more important it becomes to define boundaries.

There is a saying that the cream always rises to the top, but in some processes it is the rubbish that rises, In refining gold it is the slag and low grade metal that floats the gold stays underneath. Have a clear understanding that it needs to be the right person for the job not just the nearest person.

Do not overlook a person for a role because they are quiet or reserved, and don’t rush to appoint a person because they say the “right” things, act the “right” way or because they always agree with you, (it may just be an act, or mask, or even a search for your approval)

Do not rush into a hasty decision you may regret it and so might they. Always appoint inline with the clearly stated vision and values of the organisation. Be prepared to let the new appointed person be better than you so that they can achieve the vision. Be a significant and potential-enabling leader, do not let your own ego get in the way of the success and significance of others, even those you do not like.

Paul S Allen

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