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Unpopular Leadership

A significant leader is someone who dares to stand alone to bring about significant change, to challenge  injustice, or to address a need.

Where there exists institutional injustice or oppression a significant person who stands for what is right will always be seen a a rebel and a troublemaker, but undeterred by what they see around them they will stand for what is right, honourable and true. Such a person is a leader.

It is important to recognize that a title of positional leadership does not mean that the person with the title is a leader.  A true leader will say and do what is right rather than what is popular. If a leader always does what is popular they are a follower not a leader regardless of title.

The significant leader is a person who will do what is right and will say what is right regardless of the consequence to themselves. Such a leader will lay down their role to see the vision fulfilled, walking away from any positional leadership to see someone else better suited take over applauding them in the process.

Paul S Allen

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