A New Day

A new day starts and all things are new, well not quite I still have the same face, although I need a shave, I will still probably have a morning cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal as I usually do. But something has changed.

Each new day is a canvas waiting to be painted, what goes on it is up to you, you control the brush, and the colours that are used are based on your attitude.

Life may throw many things before you, some you will like and some you won’t, but it is how you respond to them that will determine the success and well-being you have. We have the control of our own canvas, we can and will paint a picture today, and the question is will it be a masterpiece? That is up to you.

Each new day brings a canvas of its own each and each one will combine to tell a story of your whole life. Even if things have gone badly up to now it could be  today that will be the day that things change. If your stuck, get lessons, talk with good people to help you paint. Remember it is you who holds the brush.

Hold onto hope; determine for you to start today fresh, with each new canvas start to paint a masterpiece.

Paul S Allen

About Paul S Allen

Singer Song Writer; Musician (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele); Photographer; Poet; Thinker. I have food allergies so ask when you invite me for dinner. Lumen accipe et imperti. (receive the light and pass it on) Email me: paulusthebrit@hotmail.com

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  1. Well said, Paul.

    Living life on life’s terms is just part of one huge curriculum God has planned for me. He will only throw so-called “bad” things at me in an effort to strengthen my spirituality. He is simply ironing out the wrinkles like impatience, intolerance or one of my other defects so I can develop into a man of greater character and kindness.

    Whether it’s a good or bad circumstance, it will pass. So I am best to get the most out of each and move on from there.

    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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