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Barriers to Success

As a leader there are many ways to encourage success in others, but there are often times when there are barriers to success.

These could include

  • unachievable targets
  • Not providing the full resources for the task
  • Providing an “all responsibility and no authority” approach to delegation
  • Tacking back control at the first sign of success
  • A lack of training

What ever barriers there are  need to have the same approach as occupational health and safety procedures, that is…

  • Eliminate the problem
  • Isolate the problem
  • Minimise the problem

It is important to develop ways to ensure that the people given  tasks to do, have a chance to succeed. As a delegating leader it is your sole purpose to see people achieve the tasks allocated to them, their failure is your responsibility.

Be a significant delegating leader.

Paul S Allen

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