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Life Is Hard

Lets face it, sometimes life is hard.

When work/life pressure is high there are times that we do not cope well, this is not sinful or wrong it just means you need help. This pressure can be too much to deal with alone so it is perfectly acceptable, and right, to ask for help.

Take time to recover, deal with the issues and become healthy, don’t rush it. Do not just look at dealing with the symptoms but deal with the causes. Get help, professional help, and don’t fool yourself into thinking that things will get better without intervention.

Deal with the issues.

For some this will mean taking time out from you usual routines to sort out your relationships, get medical assistance, deal with your addictions and habits (whatever they are drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, sex, gambling, internet and so many more) and look at the big picture of your life to get clear perspective.

You do not have to be alone in this process, there is help available but you will need to look for it. Your pride and ego will try to prevent you from seeking help, have the courage to swallow your pride and deal with the issues.

Pride will stop you enjoying a healthy and whole life.

Once you have regained your health put systems in place to alert you before you reach your personal trouble areas.

If you are a leader make sure there are systems in place in  your organisation before it needs to cope with your absence. Ask yourself “is it right that the health of the organisation is dependent on the health of the leader?”. Remember that the health of the leader is the leaders own responsibility.

Life is hard sometimes so deal with the issues, get help and don’t let pride stop you from living a healthy life.

Paul S Allen

Depression helpline (New Zealand) 0800 111 757 (www.depression.org.nz)

Free Text 5626 for help (New Zealand) (www.thelowdown.co.nz)

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