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Not All Leaders Are Good Leaders

Be a great follower and think for yourself!

Common misconception from leaders and followers “We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom.” Stephen Vincent Benét.

Don’t just follow a leader blindly, remember they are human too and are prone to making mistakes. Not all leaders are good leaders, so choose carefully whom you follow, ask questions and always think for yourself.

Leaders remember this; you are not the most important person in your organisation. A great leader does want people to think like them, rather to be able to freely think for themselves. Being in a position of leadership or management does not give anyone the right to bully or belittle those under them.

The following quote also applies to leadership “There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity.” Samuel Johnson.

There are very good leaders out there and very bad ones. As a follower you should always have the freedom to think for yourself, ask questions of the organisation and expect an answer, and you always have the freedom to leave. You should never be intimidated by those in leadership.

Always look to what the values of the organisation are, do they match your own? Are they modelled by the leaders? If they are not be very careful.

Paul S Allen

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