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Model Leadership

Model the behaviour you want other people to follow.

Behaviour of leaders needs to reflect the values of the organisation. If, as a leader, you can not lead by example then it is time to step down from your position.

People will follow modelled behaviour more willingly and with greater ease than by following a manual or edict. The saying “do as I say, not as I do” has no place in leadership, there should be a simple understanding of “as I do, you also do”.

Leadership at its basic level is an example of how a life is lived.

Questions to you as a leader:

  • Is your life example worth following?
  • Does it match  the values you talk about?

If your answer is “no” at any degree  then what are you going to do about it? You have only two choices, the first is change, grow or get help; the second is leave your position or step aside, any thing else could be seen as hypocrisy. I recognise that no one is perfect and as humans, we all have weaknesses and failings, therefore this is a journey that is to be travelled.

Paul S Allen

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