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Used or Abused?

Do you seek to be “used” for a purpose or by an organisation?

Don’t! Because you will be.

Rather, seek to be a volunteer. There is a fine line that is often crossed between used and abused.

To the leaders

A leader should be living the example of what is required, if the leader(ship) is just demanding the people under them to constantly…  do more, work harder, give more (time and/or money), and promotes themselves and their own organisation as more important than the people they are leading, then there is a serious problem with the leadership.

A vision should be challenging, it will involve committed people to achieve it, but, to negate the values of others or to constantly challenge the commitment of the followers because they are not as focused on the goal as the leader is, is to put undue stress, conflict and guilt onto the very people who can help to achieve the vision.

It is important to recognise that people have lives and priorities beyond just one organisation. Just because the leader is living for one purpose or cause only, does not mean that the followers should.

  • Know your boundaries. If you haven’t defined them make that a priority.
  • Accept “no” as an answer and don’t be offended or saddened by it.
  • Keep your expectations of others realistic.
  • Be accountable to someone outside of your organisation.
  • Be genuinely grateful for any assistance.
  • Never put pressure on people to commit, let them choose in there own time.
  • If people opt out, thank them for any work they have done.

To the followers…

Let me remind you not all leaders are good leaders and there are many “wolves in sheep’s clothing” out there, so take care

There is a fine line between used and abused and people, leaders and organisations have often crossed it. The difference between used and abused is similar as it is between being a servant or being a slave.

It is good to serve, that is, it is good to offer your abilities freely to another. But when you are a slave you lose all self determination, it has been taken from you either by force or by manipulation.

  • Know your boundaries.
  • Know what your limits are,
  • What are you willing to freely give?
  • What are you free to give?
  • Know when to say no.

Be a volunteer and serve where you are gifted to serve. Take care to look after yourself and your family, because if you don’t no one else will.

Paul S Allen

Small not Insignificant

If you ever thought that small meant insignificant think again, half an atom changed the world, surely you can influence yours and whether you like it or not you do.

The only question is… is it for good or evil?

“I am become death” Oppenheimer quotes after the first nuclear bomb test. I can’t help but notice the feeling of regret that is contained in this clip.

It makes you think.

Paul S Allen

Dangerous Questions

Let me encourage you to question your leaders.

Asking dangerous and unpopular questions may cause trouble but don’t stop asking them. A question is not an accusation, it is a search for the truth. A question is a powerful weapon, it has pulled down governments, businesses and churches, and that is a good thing.

Question everything… policy, values, belief, religion, philosophy, ideology, price, leadership, authority, even yourself… The truth is never threatened by a question, but relishes the opportunity to be revealed.

Be warned, you will upset the status quo when you question like this, some in leadership will try to  silence you, but truth screams to be discovered. It takes courage to question, it will have consequences both for that which you question and for yourself. You will be seen as a trouble maker by some and a rebel by others.

No great discoveries have been made without someone questioning something or someone.

The truth awaits.

Paul S Allen


Does everyone think deeply on issues for themselves or are you happy to be blindly lead by untested or outdated ideologies, misplaced beliefs, or just pack mentality?

Choose to think for yourself.

You will ultimately be answerable for your own actions and choices so why let someone else make decisions for you.

Paul S Allen

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