Dangerous Questions

Let me encourage you to question your leaders.

Asking dangerous and unpopular questions may cause trouble but don’t stop asking them. A question is not an accusation, it is a search for the truth. A question is a powerful weapon, it has pulled down governments, businesses and churches, and that is a good thing.

Question everything… policy, values, belief, religion, philosophy, ideology, price, leadership, authority, even yourself… The truth is never threatened by a question, but relishes the opportunity to be revealed.

Be warned, you will upset the status quo when you question like this, some in leadership will try to  silence you, but truth screams to be discovered. It takes courage to question, it will have consequences both for that which you question and for yourself. You will be seen as a trouble maker by some and a rebel by others.

No great discoveries have been made without someone questioning something or someone.

The truth awaits.

Paul S Allen


About Paul S Allen

Musician (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin); Singer Song Writer; Photographer; Poet; Thinker. I have food allergies so ask when you invite me for dinner. Lumen accipe et imperti. (receive the light and pass it on) Leadership; Strategy; Vision;

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  1. I totally agree, Paul. I have never had a problem doing this either. But it does indeed cause a stir in bureaucratic organisations!

  2. Yip, I agree too. I used to work for a firm in Thailand where the Managing Director and General manager actually had the nerve to tell me not to talk to them anymore. I couldn’t believe it! They didn’t like it that I asked lots of questions….it was lucky that I got on well with the CEO.

    Great post!

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