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Surviving Leadership 2

Surviving Leadership – for the follower.

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As a leader it is vital to provide an environment to develop the capability of those who follow, even if it means them becoming greater and more successful than you the leader. People who follow will work for a cause, they can and will even make great sacrifices (voluntarily) for a great cause, but the cause should never be replaced by a person. The “cult of personality” has no place in leadership.

Leader remember this… You are not important, the cause is;  get over yourself and work for the cause be prepared to get your own hands dirty and work. Never put rules or guidelines in place for others that you are not prepared to stick to yourself.

What environment does a follower need to be healthy?

  • The follower must always be able to think for themselves.
  • Must have the ability to question
  • Must be free to choose who they follow
  • The follower always has the freedom to say “no” without prejudice
  • Follower does not mean “slave”
  • The follower is free to leave
  • The follower is able to (and does) question the leadership
  • The follower may be right in what they think and say
  • The follower may not have the same priorities as the leadership
  • The follower deserves to be , and should be listened to
  • The follower has the ability to see the big picture
  • Never underestimate the ability of the follower
  • Respect the boundaries of others

A leader is not there to manipulate commitment out of the followers or to coerce the followers into things they would rather not do. They are there to champion the cause, the purpose the organisation exists for. The leader needs to put their own personal agenda aside to focus on the bigger picture and vision.

Paul S Allen

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