Dunedin Neurosurgery March (via Computing for Sustainability)

An example of what it looks like when people from all walks of life, ideologies, and ages walk in unity for a cause.

True unity does not come from oneness of action but oneness of purpose. Although 10,000 people were able to march to protect this core surgical service this would be just a small representation of the rest of the people who were not able to make it on the march.

Paul S Allen

Dunedin Neurosurgery March On the6th August 10,000 people marched through Dunedin to support Neurosurgery in Dunedin. On this page I’m collating media coverage and along with photos from participants. Video from Anthony Baikie shows about half the march from opposite the Golden Centre. ODT  “up to 10,000 marched through central Dunedin at lunchtime today protesting the possible loss of neurosurgery services”. (unless otherwise named, photos from Samuel Mann or Paul Allen v … Read More

via Computing for Sustainability


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