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The Tyranny Of Perfection

Excellence is achievable perfection is not, so seek excellence.

Striving for that which is unachievable will ultimately demoralize and crush the seeker. The expectation of perfection is a cruel master as nothing will ever be good enough. Sometimes “good enough” is actually good enough.

To often the standards that we set for ourselves are so high they lead to a permanent sense of failure, but what is worse is when we expect perfection of others.

Is it wrong to have high standards? Not at all, but, the standards have to be achievable, there has to be an ongoing celebration of achievements along the path. The level of the standards should always rise, but for some there is a point to which they will not be able to improve. This does not mean that person (or yourself) should be rejected, what it means that they (you) should encourage people still on the journey to get to the standard you have achieved. Become the encourager of those who can progress further.

As a leader you should expect that some people will be better than you, will be able to achieve more than you, set higher goals and visions and achieve them. Do not let your own insecurity hold others back from achieving great things! Cheer them on. (Dangerous Leaders)

A perfectionist will hold onto tasks to try to see perfection achieved and doing so will never allow for the task to be completed at all.

Perfection is a dead-end road where failure is the only way out. Seek excellence for that is a continuing journey.

Paul S Allen

Old School House

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