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A Single Flame

A Single Flame, originally uploaded by paulusthebrit.

Via Flickr:A single flame dispels the darkness. Let yours shine.

Paul S Allen

Mothers Day and Fathers Day – Is Not For All

Spare a thought this Mothers Day (and on Fathers Day) for those who for one reason or another are not able to have children as it can be a hard day for them.

It is good and right to celebrate Mothers Day and Fathers Day (albeit that it is a day created for commercial purposes). To honour your parents is something that we should all do and not just on one day per year with a cheap card and platitudes.

Mothers Day and Fathers Day can be difficult for many and an acknowledgment should be given for those people who do not have children. Not having children is not a choice for some, medical, fertility and health issues may have prevented couples from having children. Remember those who have also lost a child or children through miscarriage.

These days can be difficult for some to cope with, so spare a thought for people like us.

If you are a parent enjoy your day and I hope you are looked after well.

Paul S Allen

Autumn Leaves by Paul S Allen

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