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The A.G.M.

An Annual General Meeting is a vital and important part of any organisation.

I have experienced them running and completed in under five minutes and over hours.

Much of the discussion in long meetings could be limited if there is good preparation and communication before the meeting starts.

A good AGM is where informed members can come together to vote on investigated proposals, where legalities and appointments are voted on and agreed to according to the constitution. Finer details should have been aired and discussed beforhand.

Paul S Allen



The AGM by Paul S Allen 2011

The A.G.M.

©Paul S Allen 2011


Evening – a Photograph & Poem

Evening - photo/poem by Paul S Allen


Photograph and Poem

Paul S Allen

Lunar Eclipse – From Dunedin NZ

Review: The iPad, Good For Business?

The iPad seems to be a great tool but is it a business tool that could be used as a shared device with others?

This is not a review of the features, as good as they are, but about the function for the purpose of business.

Primarily, I can see the iPad being used as a social media tool/diary/email/note taking device. As it is linked to an iTunes account it is ideally useful as a one-person-per-iPad device. Is it a useful business tool? Absolutely, I can see the day where most people in an office or other workplace would have one of their own as it could speed up efficiencies in meetings with appointments being made and synced with desktop or shared calendars.

All notes related to the meeting would also be at the fingertips so that no paper is wasted or lost. With apps like voice recognition software it could be used for dictation. Voice recording and video would be excellent tools for conferences and meetings. Creating reports on the fly would mean that there would be more accuracy when recording and reporting events.

The questions are…

1. Wi-fi only or wi-fi/3G?

If a person is traveling slot then I could see that the 3G version would be very useful. If a person is mainly based around the office then the wi-fi only would be just fine.

2. If you issue an iPad to an individual, can they use it for their own purposes as well as for the business?

This would be the same policy for both personal issue of laptops as well as tablet computers.

As the iPad is a great social media tool, policies related to the use of social media should apply to the use of the iPad as well.

The use of social media should be encouraged where there is a positive benefit to the organization.

Tweeting and face booking from events should be encouraged as it is a good way to interact with a wider audience. It should been done in such a way that people would rather be at the event than just reading about it online. It is a teasing tool to encourage participation.

Would I like one? Again the answer is absolutely, the benefits of this piece of equipment are large and would help in many areas of business life.

Paul S Allen

Taieri River

Taieri River, Middlemarch, Otago, New Zealand


Andersons Bay

Golden Glow Silhouette Andersons BayGolden Glow Silhouette Andersons BayGolden Glow Silhouette Andersons BayGolden Glow Silhouette Andersons BayGolden Glow Silhouette Andersons BayGolden Glow Silhouette Andersons Bay
Golden Glow Silhouette Andersons BayAndersons Bay Gold

Andersons Bay Gold, a set on Flickr.

Andersons Bay, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Paul S Allen

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