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The Qualities of a Great Leader

One of the most striking aspects of character that a great leader possesses is the strength that comes from a quiet, but strong, sense of humility. They recognize that leadership is not about them, or the position, it is not about having followers, it is about getting the job done.

Qualities of a great leader:

They respect others
They are hard workers
They value dialog
They collaborate
They are not rushed
They empower others
They champion the cause
They lead by example
They look for their successor
They are gracious
They are full of gratitude
They impart hope
They encourage
They are concerned with detail and the overview
They communicate
They connect with people
They associate with all levels in the organization
They know their weaknesses
They are accountable
They are forgiving
They are open to opposing opinion
They attribute and acknowledge the source of ideas
They say please and thank you
They have good manners
They are gallant
They recognize that they are not perfect
They do not demand title or respect
They are patient
They are kind
They are generous in all things
They are self-controlled
They are honest
They are slow to anger
They are decision makers
They value people, in word and action
They are inclusive
They are aware of their own shortcomings
They respect the boundaries of others and themselves
They know where the organization is going
They are committed for the long haul
They are not protective of their position
They recognize their own values and they respect the values of others
They abide by the same policies that the whole organization abides too, one rule for all
They take ownership and responsibility
They have a pool of great advisers and mentors

The list goes on. Please add more as a comment.

Paul S Allen

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