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The Rescue – a poem

The Rescue - a poem by Paul S Allen

The Rescue – a poem by Paul S Allen

Wet Work Week – Haiku Collection

A collection of five haiku written while waiting for the morning bus to work.

Paul S Allen

17 to 21 June 2013



Unceasing rain falls,

Another wet day begins,

Soaked ground overflows.


Playing fields like lakes,

Soggy ground all turned to mud,

Winter in full force.


Gentle is the sound,

The patter of falling rain,

Sheltered from the sky.


Darkness shrouds morning,

The raging wind driving rain,

Undiscovered damage.


This menacing storm,

Wind chill cuts to the bone,

On this shortest day.

©Paul S Allen 2013

Wet Work Week Bus Ride

Wet Work Week Bus Ride

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