About me

I am passionate about Dunedin City and the Otago region, and am committed to personally promoting and developing the people, the environment and the opportunities that are contained within this region.

Two things I can’t be without…

  • Guitar
  • Camera

I am a poet, a singer/song writer and photographer. You can find out more about my music at Dunedinmusic.com or buy my music at Amplifier.co.nz.

What you do makes a difference but who you are matters most.

Who am I?

Thinker; Business Adviser; Leadership; Strategy; Vision; Musician; Singer Song Writer; Poet; Photographer; Guitarist, Bassist, Mandolin player; an eternally optimistic fisherman still waiting on the fish.

Paul S Allen

Lumen accipe et imperti (“receive the light and pass it on”)

Music and Video

All Created by Paul S Allen


A Poem by Paul S Allen


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