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I promise you this

Apparition in Chingford Park 1

I promise you this

Nothing is certain in this life except for death and taxes, according to the saying anyway.

There is one thing, however, I can guarantee without question or doubt. It is a certainty beyond all others and a promise I will keep even though I do not want to.

It isn’t riches, power, fame, comfort or security, it isn’t health, safety, salvation or peace.

It is a promise that will annoy and disappoint you, it will be frustrating for others and myself.

It will be something I can learn from and grow through but still it will happen again-and-again.

All I ask is that you will encourage me as I keep this promise, even though I will try to break it, and when I keep the promise, I hope you will understand that I am only human, nothing more and nothing less.

So forgive me…

My promise is simply this…

… I will make mistakes.

Paul S Allen



The sun rises
The sun sets
The same 24 hours every day; but somehow time appears to speed up as the years rush by.

I am  (we are) surrounded by that which is transient, with no intrinsic value. What significance is there apart from what I can impart to others.

For there to be longevity of vision or betterment of humanity there needs to be a giving of  oneself to the people who come after ourselves. A short-sighted  and me-only approach may feel nice  for  the individual but will ultimately lead to nothing.

Significance comes not in what you gain but by what you give.

Paul S Allen

Dunedin Sunrise - Photo  © Paul S Allen 2012

Dunedin Sunrise – Photo © Paul S Allen 2012


The importance of introverts

Please watch and learn from the following video about being an introvert and working with them.

Paul S Allen (I am an introvert)

Susan Cain: The power of introverts

Leadership: It is not about you!


Leadership is not just a title; and a leadership title, does not necessarily make someone a leader. There are many unsung people in every organisation who exercise the attributes of a leader everyday without the recognition of title. These are the ones who take ownership for their own area of the organisation. They do the best they can to fulfill the cause or vision.  They are often un-thanked, forgotten, and overlooked.

What a leader needs to remember is that they are not the most important person in the organisation. A great leader is more concerned with the vision and cause of the organisation than their own position.

A great leader does not want or need people to think like them, but rather to be able to freely think for themselves. The Japanese poet/philosopher, Matsuo Bashō 1644–1694 says, “Do not seek to follow the footsteps of men of old.  Seek what they sought!”

This is a great lesson that is often overlooked. Do not wish to be like the leader, rather seek the vision that they have and own it for yourself. The difficulty begins where there exists an egocentric leader in charge. The egocentric leader will see the up-and-coming leader as a threat to their own position and will do all they can to alienate and disempower the new leader.

Failure to train, empower, and trust up-and-coming leaders within the organisation will ultimately lead to the failure of it to set or achieve long term societal changing goals. By not establishing clear succession plans the organisation may be doomed to disappear.

The focus of any organisation is to fulfill the vision that has been set. The role of the leader is to see that it happens. When the leader forgets about the cause to focus on the position then it is like a ship out of control heading for danger.

There are risks in leadership, tough decisions need to be made at times and someone will be accountable for them. For the leader to be so engrossed in their own stature and direction that they forget to listen to and trust subordinates is a disaster waiting to happen.

Leadership requires trust in a team of people, people who are like-purposed not like-minded. For there to be great decisions made, great debate must take place. There should be differences of opinions, clashes of wills, and challenges faced.

An egocentric leader will surround themselves with like-minded people, dare I say “yes men”, who will just blindly follow the leader wherever they go without questioning them. This is a highly dangerous situation and I would suggest if you find yourself in that situation look for the exits now.

If you are the leader, take some time out over the next few days to question yourself. Ask yourself “why did I accept this role?” “How important is the vision to me now?” “Is there someone else who could take over from me if I wasn’t around?” Now take action on your answers.

Paul S Allen

How not to catch fish: a leaders guide.

Taieri River

Taieri River, Middlemarch, Otago, New Zealand

1/- Invest in great gear just to admire the quality & engineering .

  • Leadership: This is like getting all the training, reading all the books and going to all the best conferences but never putting the information gained into practice. Up-skilling is great and necessary but it is the application of the learning that matters.

2/- Don’t cast your line out.

  • Leadership: No matter what you do you will never achieve any thing by procrastination.

3/- Avoid getting your gear wet or dirty.

  • Leadership: Leading equals doing, sometimes the best way to get something done is to just get your hands dirty.

4/- Don’t use the right bait or any bait at all.

  • Leadership: You need to resource others with the right tools they need to get things done.

5/- Don’t bother going fishing just talk about it.

  • Leadership: All the planning in the world means nothing without action.

6/- Go to places where there are no fish.

  • Leadership: Poor direction will lead to poor results.

There are many others but I am sure you get the picture.

Paul S Allen

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