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Diabetes – My Story

The story so far…

I have been recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It was not a surprise as there is a family history of it (it is not a weight issue for me). Even though it is at the very early stages it still means changes to lifestyle especially around diet and exercise.

Change is not always “as good as a holiday” and coping with change can be challenging. It is not the changes I need to make that are difficult but the process of changing. We all have our rituals and routines; our likes and dislikes; our food and exercise lifestyles, and changing these entrenched ways can be unsettling, but they have to be done if I want to a long and healthy life.

Each change in itself is small but cumulatively they can make a difference. I like sugar, salt and fat, they make all food taste great, but these are the very things that I must reduce and control. I now have tea and coffee with artificial sweeteners or stevia (a natural super sweet herb) even this change can be hard after over 40 years of enjoying the taste of sugar I now need to ween myself of the taste of sweet. Artificial sweeteners can have side effects as a laxative so I do not wish to use them for very long.

I do like sugar especially when it comes to sweets (candy), chocolate and soda. the change has been imposed on me without my consent and although my body is enjoying the benefits of not having to deal with so much sugar, my brain just wants to rebel and “pig out” on all the stuff I can’t or should not have.

One of my work colleges said, when talking just after being diagnosed with diabetes, if diabetes means “you have to eat healthy food and do exercise, is that a bad thing?”. He is right and I agree with him, but my mind is still adjusting and catching up with the situation.

over the last six weeks or so since I have been diagnosed I have noticed that as a result of the changes I have made I do “feel” different, better. I have lost a few pounds, I feel like I even sleep better, and this is just from the first change of not eating sugar. So when I implement other changes, including increasing exercise, I should see even greater improvements.

I must say that the reason I was even being tested for glucose intolerance was because of my vigilant doctor and regular check-ups. I had no noticeable symptoms before diagnosis although I feel different now  as I have stated.

Take Note: Have regular a check-up with your doctor at least once a year. Men especially get a check up for diabetes, prostrate cancer, blood pressure and for cholesterol levels.

Do I like this change… no

Do I need to make this change… yes

Will I cope with this change… that is up to me.

Whether you cope well with change is up to you, I you are struggling then get assistance from people who can help be it professionals or support groups.

Paul S Allen


If you have recipes suitable for diabetics please let me know (I am also allergic to onions and garlic). I love to cook and experiment with food and love full flavoured foods.

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