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Articles about Diabetes


Posts related to Diabetes

Diabetes – My Story
Written about 6 weeks after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Articles regarding MECFS

Waiting for the answer

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (4 October 2010: includes video of Dr Ros Vallings)

Don’t Blame the Sick (26 July 2010)

Living with M.E.(1 May 2010)

ME/CFS Support (13 May 2009)

Gray Days – I recorded this song with ME/CFS in mind

ME/CFS Sites


MEISS (Otago – Southland NZ)

Phoenix Rising

Videos about  ME/CFS please watch.



General Health Related Comments

NZ Government Attacks the Sick

Govt to target sickness beneficiaries – Voxy Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says the Government is to crack down on sickness beneficiaries.

Again another attack on the people who need support…  READ MORE

  1. Ken Bateman

    Gidday Paul and Wendy

    I stumbled upon a large Word document about ME. It has cool links so you can navigate it quickly.

    Excuse me, but I could be just showing you how to shiver in the cold, cause you are both from Dunedin and know how to do that already!! So please excuse me! But you may find it interesting and helpful…


    Big blessings!

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