I am a amateur photographer and never go too far without a camera with me. 

If you would like a print of any of these photos or pictures on my flickr site please contact me for details.

I have over 1600 photos in my Flickr library, (many many more offline) mostly from Dunedin, Otago. I would love to sell prints if you are interested contact me for details or to discuss digital or commercial usage..

Paul S Allen

Otago Boy’s High School in the Snow #Dunedin, originally uploaded by paulusthebrit.

Via Flickr:Snow covered Otago Boy’s from Central Dunedin

First Church From Above

Unhappy HenBeyond The LightRough EdgesPointed Sky - Toitu - Otago Early Settlers Museum BuildingPointed SkyBroadcast
BadgeSt Clair Salt Water PoolFly PastSt Clair Fly OverFlightBeautiful Boy
The Face of RupertThe Eyes Have ItSymbolicSymbolicGrowSouth 13GrowSouth 12
GrowSouth 111GrowSouth 10GrowSouth 9GrowSouth 8GrowSouth 07GrowSouth 06

Thieves Alley

“Thieves Alley Market Day, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2011.”
©Paul S Allen 2011

Stilt Walker

“Stilt Walker” ©Paul S Allen 2011

Morning Mist

“Morning Mist” ©Paul S Allen 2011

John Wilson Drive

“John Wilson Drive, Dunedin” ©Paul S Allen 2010

Christmas Tree 2010 #1

“Christmas Tree 2010 #1” ©Paul S Allen 2010

Tui on Flax #2

“Tui on Flax #2” ©Paul S Allen 2010

The Winter Tree

“The Winter Tree” ©Paul S Allen 2010

Shining Through 1

“Shining Through” ©Paul S Allen 2010

Library Plaza, Wind Sculpture

“Library Plaza” ©Paul S Allen 2010

Glorious Dunedin 3

“Glorious Dunedin” ©Paul S Allen 2010

Stormy Sea

“Stormy Sea” ©Paul S Allen 2010

St Paul's Dunedin

“St Paul’s Dunedin” ©Paul S Allen 2010

Hard at Study

“Hard at Study” ©Paul S Allen 2010

Forsyth Barr Stadium at Night

“Forsyth Barr Stadium” ©Paul S Allen 2010


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TheWaterside My personal blog for my thoughts and musings

Regent 24 Hour Book Sale Concert 2010

Winters start

Grey day,
The start of winter,
Inside fire burns,
Warmth and light,
Peace in embers flicker,
Bathed in its golden glow.

The sun’s warmth
Permeates to the core of your being
As you breathe the fresh clean air,
And celebrate all that is today.

© Paul Allen 21 June 2009

Wordle: Good Business Great People

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