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Poor Management Culture

The WatersideI have recently read an article re-published by Manufacturing NZ (a part of Business NZ) with the title of “Three types of people to fire immediately“.

It would have to be one of the most appalling articles on how to manage staff I have seen. To suggest you should immediately fire an employee because they disagree with you or have their own opinion, is not only poor management practice, but in NZ would leave the employer open to a personal grievance case being lodged against them.

To have this practice endorsed by a supposedly leading business organisation reveals how deep-seated bullying behaviour is in some organisations.

I note that on the page where that article is posted there is no legal disclaimer, so could they be held responsible if someone just followed what was proposed there?

There are ways to manage/lead difficult people and doing it well can win loyal staff out of strong objectors. Even if you can not win them over you can not, in any way, sense or form, just dismiss them on the spot. There is a formal procedure to follow to manage staff performance and in New Zealand the Department of Labour has clear guidelines to follow. The Department of Labour  also operates under the guiding principles of  good faith, good reason and fair process. Get it wrong as an employer,  prepare to face the Department of Labour for mediation or legal action.

My advice to you if you have difficulties with staff is this… Follow the Department of Labours guidelines if you don’t know what they are call them  0800 20 90 20 (in NZ) … get independent assistance, get legal advice, be honest, factual, objective, tactful, allow time to think (for yourself and the employee) before decisions are made, allow for the employee to also have representation(support or legal) at any meetings. At all times respect the staff member there is no excuse for putting undue pressure on someone to resign, in fact this could also lead to personal grievance case to be laid.

There is no place for bullying in the workplace from peers or from employers.

Paul S Allen

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