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Fear and Change

There is always fear when there is change, but courage will see you through. Be en-couraged and be an encourager.

Paul S Allen

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Fear and Courage

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Without fear courage means nothing.

The need to have courage only exists when there is a possibility that things will go badly. Courage is not the denial of fear but the embracing of it. It is using the emotional energy the fear generates to focus on what needs to be done to overcome the circumstance.

When you are facing difficult circumstances or decisions and are gripped by fear know that courage will allow you to get through it . If you know people going through “fearful” times you can be an encourager, that is one who gives courage to another.

Courage and fear are two sides of the same coin.

For a leader courage is an essential trait to have and to be an encourager is critical for the growth and development of your organisation.

So let me say again… Without fear courage means nothing.

Paul S Allen

(Note: Irrational fears and phobia need to be addressed and counselled correctly and appropriately to assure that they are dealt with properly.)

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