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Falling off the wave – Overcoming failure

Falling off the wave

Sometimes, in all our lives, we will all fall off the wave.

The wave is a metaphor and it will mean different things for people and at different stages of our lives. It could be a particular skill, a career, anything. You are a student of life, constantly developing and growing (whether you know it or not).

Being a student means to try things beyond your known ability, this will lead to you making mistakes or not succeeding at times. You need to develop strength and new skills. One day you will succeed,  you can become an expert and yes, even then you will make mistakes and fail at times.

Failure is not the end, don’t give up, don’t take it personally, learn from your experience.

The lesson from this surfer is you just try again. (here was his next wave)

Paul S Allen


Photos ©Paul S Allen 2015


Stanley McChrystal – on Leadership

“A leader can let you fail and not let you be a failure”

Stanley McChrystal


Regardless of how McChrystal left the military what he says in this video still rings true.

If he spoke his mind and that disagreed with current policy so be it. If William Wilberforce did not speak against the status quo then we may still have slavery. It takes one voice to make a difference and sometimes that voice will appear objectionable.

Paul S Allen

John Wilson Drive 4

Winning and Losing

Teaching that the only important thing is about “how you play the game” and not about winning and losing means setting people up to be disappointed. Learning about winning and losing is critical to a balanced life.

Unless people are taught how to win and lose, especially while young,  will mean that the first time they do not get their own way or receive a rejection they will not be able to handle it.

The battle is for winning, the game is for winning, and the goals are for achieving, but unless there is a risk of failure the victory will be hollow.

Use failure to learn how to do things better.

If you have fallen over, stand up, dust yourself off and determine to do better next time.

How you play is important, but only if you are playing to win.

Paul S Allen


Knowing and accepting your own fallibility is one of the first steps in living at peace with yourself. Knowing and accepting the fallibility of others is a further step to living at peace with them.

By accepting this fallibility state, when failure happens it will not come as a surprise. Never gloat over the failure of others, the fallen state is common to us all.

Human failure is an inevitability for all so be gracious and forgiving when it happens.

Paul S Allen

Cheerful Crocus

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