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Fear in itself is neither positive or negative. It is a result of the stimulus of a situation on an area of our psyche that produces a chemical reaction in our bodies. The fight or flight response.

The Long Dark Shadow

The Long Dark Shadow

Fear should not be eliminated altogether it serves an important purpose, that is to protect us from harm.

What is needed is, to be able to control and use it. We need to take note of it and understand it then make a decision how we are to act.

React or respond? For the most part the best result of the onset of fear is for us to respond, that is, to act in a considered way.

The main way fear becomes truly negative is when it cause us to become paralyzed and unable to make decisions. Fear can be tamed. When I went to Toastmasters I was taught that it was not about getting rid of the “butterflies in my stomach” it was about making them fly in formation.

Fear should highlight areas that need to be addressed and either fixed or avoided. What fear are you facing?

  • What are you being challenged by?
  • What are the things that you need to let go or move away from?
  • Why do you react the way you do to certain situations?

Fear should result in change, either to the situation or your response to it.

Fear comes in many guises, danger: things that could lead to physical harm or death; change: letting go of the past, moving out of comfort zones, moving from familiar to unfamiliar, risk of loss.

No forward progress can be made if you are tightly holding onto the past.

To get over fear you need to build strategy, develop the ability to control the adrenalin rush. Talk your situation over with trusted friends, mentors, coaches.

To have courage you need to be en-couraged. The great thing about this is when you have courage you can become the encourager.

The wisdom is in knowing which fear needs to be respected and which needs to be dealt with.

Paul S Allen

There are many irrational fears, phobias and anxieties, these need to be addressed with care and often with professional assistance. 

Fear and Change

There is always fear when there is change, but courage will see you through. Be en-couraged and be an encourager.

Paul S Allen

Seabird Silhouette

Fear and Courage

The Moon, originally uploaded by paulusthebrit.

Without fear courage means nothing.

The need to have courage only exists when there is a possibility that things will go badly. Courage is not the denial of fear but the embracing of it. It is using the emotional energy the fear generates to focus on what needs to be done to overcome the circumstance.

When you are facing difficult circumstances or decisions and are gripped by fear know that courage will allow you to get through it . If you know people going through “fearful” times you can be an encourager, that is one who gives courage to another.

Courage and fear are two sides of the same coin.

For a leader courage is an essential trait to have and to be an encourager is critical for the growth and development of your organisation.

So let me say again… Without fear courage means nothing.

Paul S Allen

(Note: Irrational fears and phobia need to be addressed and counselled correctly and appropriately to assure that they are dealt with properly.)

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