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Don’t Blame The Sick

You’ve been battling long term illness, well meaning people have suggested all sorts of remedies (supplements, medication, spiritual intervention, prayer) but what happens when people don’t get better or even get worse?

This is a list of things not to do.


  • Blaming yourself/others/God does you no good at all it just makes you angry and wastes precious energy.

Give up

  • Giving up should never be an option, while there is breath there is hope.

Become bitter

  • This is like drinking a poison cup, no matter how sweet it tastes it will destroy you.

Shut yourself off from the world

  • When you shut yourself off from the world you shut out the people who can support, comfort and encourage you


  • Never allow feelings of guilt for being unwell

Is there a reason why people become sick?
Yes, but it may not be obvious, understood or discovered yet.

Is there a purpose to being chronically unwell?
I don’t know.

Does it mean a lack of faith if someone isn’t cured or healed?
Absolutely not.

Sometimes people are sick and will remain unwell. Why? We may never know.

Never blame the chronically ill for being ill.

No one should ever blame someone who is sick saying it’s their fault. What people with long term illnesses need beyond treatment is people who are prepared to take the good with the bad; to stand by and help when needed; to celebrate even the smallest victories and to help pick up the pieces when they have worse patches.

Do you know someone who has a long term illness? why not contact them over the next few days to check how they are, visit if it is appropriate and they are able to handle it. Be there for them without blame, or criticism, be there as a true friend.

This is our story of living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

©Paul S Allen 2010

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