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Nothing like good customer service.

There’s nothing like good customer service and this is nothing like good customer service.Paulusthebrit

You the customer are under suspicion. Your actions require utmost control and under no circumstances can you enter our business with that item. We consider all people who enter our business as criminals intent on stealing our stuff. We do not care about you or your own care or safety.

This is the message I was given by the owner of a business today after I raised a concern about a policy the store has and the manner in which it was enforced.

What was the offense? My wife had a small hand bag with her.

The policy of the store was that no-one was able to enter the store with a bag (of any sort). We had the option of leaving the bag with a complete stranger at the counter in an insecure area or not go into the store.

Our greeting was not a friendly smile or even a simple “Hello” it was just “Bag please!” no option, no explanation.

We left.

After calling the store to question the policy and manner which we were treated, the owner phoned me back to explain that under no circumstances was anyone allowed in the store with a bag of any kind and that Prime Minister John Key and even the Queen would be asked to leave their bags at the counter.

When explaining that my wife has a health condition and the bag contains important contents, it was explained that we could take contents out of the bag and carry them with us. I suggested that it would be difficult to shop or browse while carrying things in our hands he said that was our problem.

I can accept the importance of store security and issues around shop theft, but the tone and treatment of the staff member and the arrogant attitude of the owner has left us never wanting to visit that shop again. We had the intention of making purchases on todays visit but we will not be going back to that establishment.

I will not name the store as I do not wish to advertise or promote its existence in any way. If anyone ever asks me for a recommendation about these types of shops I will not mention them at all and if questioned directly will explain our dissatisfaction.

One question I have about this “leave bag at counter” policy. If something goes missing or is damaged in the bag whose liability is it? For example if I leave my camera bag at the counter and someone drops a heavy item on it will the store pay the cost to repair or replace damaged items? What say someone gets given the wrong bag and it goes missing, who is liable?

The experience today has left us feeling angry and disappointed especially after the owner said it was our loss for not doing business with him. Actually it is his loss, we were going to spend money today at his shop and didn’t.

We will not be going back to that store again.

Paul S Allen

Paul S Allen – Regent Theatre – 17 May 2013

Regent Poster 2013

Time to breathe

To take time out just to breathe and rest the mind is essential to be able to maintain focus.

This is a small piece of my own music to help you rest your mind. Enjoy.

Paul S Allen

©Paul S Allen 2013

Stop Striving for Success

How many times have you caught yourself saying “if only I had… then …” ?

The constant striving for more, better or bigger drives many people.

Does obtaining them bring contentment or a bigger hunger?

Do not get me wrong, I do like some comforts in my life, but I wonder at times, that in the process of getting more and more things we miss the point of enjoying and being content with what we have already.  What is the point of working so hard for more and more stuff only to not have the time, or health, to enjoy them?

When was the last time you went for a walk, for no reason other than to breath, look at the scenery, relax and switch off your busyness?

Rest and contentment are vital for a healthy and peaceful existence.

Let me challenge you this week to take some time out, whether it is a whole day, half day, an hour, or five minutes, start small as it takes discipline to do  nothing. The benefits of a relaxed and rested mind, and body, are great.

If you are a leader, this message is for you and your staff, constant pressure without respite will only lead to burnout. Remember to celebrate the journey.

Don’t let striving for greatness stop you from achieving it.

Paul S Allen


Regent Theatre 24 Hour Book Sale 2012

Paul S AllenMr Guitarman - Paul S AllenPaul S AllenPaul S AllenKatharticusMichael Wingfield

Here are photos from the Regent Theatre 24 Hour Book Sale in Dunedin 25 May 2012.

Paul S Allen

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