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Paul S Allen – Live at ADJØ

This Saturday night I will be playing live at ADJØ
All welcome!

10 Bank Street, Dunedin, NZ

31 October
Doors 6.30pm

Koha entrance

(About me )
Paul S Allen is a singer-songwriter based in Dunedin, New Zealand.
With reflective lyric style, his original songs are from the heart and soul drawing on observations of the world around him.
Genre ranges from acoustic folk to rock. English born but a proud Kiwi, and a passionate supporter of the Dunedin music scene.

(About ADJØ)
ADJØ is a cafe and gallery focusing on emerging artists and cuisine from the Nordic kitchen. Our space is here to provide an alternative way to view and experience art, mixing with coffee and yummy food, and looking out to the beautiful botanics.

Walk Away – Paul S Allen – Live at Dee’s Café

Performed live at Dee’s Café, Princes St, Dunedin, NZ on Friday 8 December 2017 Walk Away



Words and Music ©Paul S Allen 2016

Live an Authentic Life

For an authentic life:

  1. Hold true to your values, and always search for the truth.
  2. Learn to forgive quickly. Forgive yourself and others.TheWaterSide
  3. Learn to be at peace, first with yourself then with your neighbour.
  4. Value contentment over commodity, it’s about who you are not what you have.
  5. Passion is great but compassion is greater.
  6. Key to success in life is hard work.
  7. In troubled times look to the things you have control of…attitude, hope, faith, and determination.
  8. Be the best “you” you can be.
  9. Every life is important, the world would be a lesser place without you in it. Remember that while there is breath there is hope.
  10. Be generous with honest thanksgiving. Smile and say thanks to those who do ordinary things for you today.

Paul S Allen

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