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Nook and Cranny Music Festival 2016

A festival of Dunedin musicians, singer-songwriters, bands and solo acts for the launch of NZ Music Month 2016
Held 1 May 2016 at the Dunedin Public Library
Dunedin, New Zealand

Here is a sample of images from the day there are more on my Flickr account

The Mentalist Collective
Nook & Cranny Music Festival 2016PSA54

Valley Bluegrass
Nook & Cranny Music Festival 2016PSA25

Henry Phillip Wilson
Nook & Cranny Music Festival 2016PSA38

Molly Devine
Nook & Cranny Music Festival 2016PSA18

Tiny Pieces of Eight
Nook & Cranny Music Festival 2016PSA16

Graeme Downes
Nook & Cranny Music Festival 2016PSA34
Photos ©Paul S Allen 2016

If you are the artist represented in the image please contact me if you would like the full size image also other images available.


Waitangi Day 2016 – Dunedin/Otepoti

Waitangi Day was commemorated in Dunedin/Otepoti by way of a community concert. Photos below.

This family friendly event encourages all who attend, both Maori and non-Maori alike, to remember their roots.

It was a song (waiata) filled afternoon and great hospitality given freely to everyone who attended. I had the privilege to play a few songs also.

People were also encouraged to look at the information on hand to learn more about the Treaty of Waitangi.

If you would like to read the Treaty click here – Read both the English and Maori version

A huge thank you to all the organisers of this great event.

See photos below.

Paul S Allen


Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Don’t forget your Roots

Dunedin/Otepoti 6 February 2016

More photos are available on my flickr account

Waitangi Day 2016 Dunedin/Otepoti Waitangi Day 2016 Dunedin/Otepoti
Waitangi Day 2016 Dunedin/Otepoti Waitangi Day 2016 Dunedin/Otepoti
Waitangi Day 2016 Dunedin/Otepoti

Photos ©Paul S Allen 2016

TPPA Protest – Dunedin 2016

Photos and video from the TPPA protest in Dunedin 30 January 2016 labeled the “TPPA Free Zone”
Click here for more photos on my Flickr page
Dunedin TPPA Rally 2016PSA - 14
Dunedin TPPA Rally 2016PSA - 13
Dunedin TPPA Rally 2016PSA - 3
Dunedin TPPA Rally 2016PSA - 2
Dunedin TPPA Rally 2016PSA - 4

Photos ©Paul S Allen 2016

Black and White – 2015 Retrospective

The video below contains images I have made throughout 2015.

I features people & places around Dunedin, New Zealand. It contains some of the protests, events and celebrations that have happened in Dunedin in 2015.


Paul S Allen

Music: Show me the way – © Paul S Allen 2013
Images and video: ©Paul S Allen 2015

2015 South Dunedin Street Festival

This is the fourth year of the South Dunedin Street Festival and, despite ferocious  winds, thousands of people enjoyed the celebration of all that is South Dunedin.

Here are a few photos, but if you would like to see more there are many more photos on my Flickr page.

2015 South Dunedin Street Festival - PSA - 15

2015 South Dunedin Street Festival - PSA - 81

2015 South Dunedin Street Festival - PSA - 25

2015 South Dunedin Street Festival - PSA - 28

2015 South Dunedin Street Festival - PSA - 33

Photos: All rights reserved ©Paul S Allen 2015

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