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Let Your Yes Mean Yes

If actions speak louder than words, why is there an overwhelming silence? So many words can be spoken, so much hype and passion can fill the air but when that all fades does your “yes” still mean “yes”?

When you say “yes” what do you really mean?…  

  • “No”
  • “I have heard you”
  • “I have listened and understood” (but no action)
  • “I have listened and will consider” (but no immediate action)
  • “Yes.”  (I commit to a course of action) 

The one who says “yes” and does not do what they have agreed to do is worse than the one who says “no”.

The right words may be spoken but unless right actions are taken they are all pointless. So let your “yes” mean “yes”, an equally let your “no” mean “no”

Paul S Allen

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