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Achieving Your Vision

Be prepared to go in the wrong direction to get to you ultimate goal.

The path to achieve vision is rarely straight. Sometimes it may be that we may appear to go in different directions to avoid obstacles, but it is important to keep the big picture.

Imagine, for a moment, that you wish to travel to the town hall in the next city. You are sitting at your desk in an office somewhere.  Is it possible to travel in a direct straight line to the destination? at some stage you will need to move in the opposite direction because the door of your office might not face the right way, you may have to walk to your car, or a bus stop. The roads might wind around hills and valleys and even have to make detours.

So it is in achieving great goals. to build a tall building you need to first dig a deep hole.

Don’t be discouraged when it appears you are going the wrong way, check your map, your business plans, blue prints, vision documents or strategic plans. and see the big picture of what you have set as a vision.

Take time out every now and then to get your bearings, check your plans, and keep moving onwards.

Sometimes achieving your vision means going backwards.

(If you are not sure what your vision is then read Unlocking Your Vision.)

Paul S Allen

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