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Time out is good for the journey


Taking time out of your busy life is vital if you want long term success.

Sit back and allow yourself time to relax and enjoy the view. To rest both the body and the soul is an important task you, as the leader, need to undertake. I would also say to make sure your team has the right and ability to do so as well.

To be rested means you can give your focus and full strength to the task at hand, but if you are weary errors and mistakes happen.

Do take some time out and refresh yourself so you get on with doing what you needs to be done.

Rest is not a waste of time.

Paul S Allen

Paul S Allen

Trust Your Team

Tip for leaders: No trust equals no team.

Trust works both ways trust the leader and trust the team, both must be earned not demanded.

Trust can be lost in an instant, so take care of your relationships and keep your character with integrity.

Paul S Allen

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