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Falling off the wave – Overcoming failure

Falling off the wave

Sometimes, in all our lives, we will all fall off the wave.

The wave is a metaphor and it will mean different things for people and at different stages of our lives. It could be a particular skill, a career, anything. You are a student of life, constantly developing and growing (whether you know it or not).

Being a student means to try things beyond your known ability, this will lead to you making mistakes or not succeeding at times. You need to develop strength and new skills. One day you will succeed,  you can become an expert and yes, even then you will make mistakes and fail at times.

Failure is not the end, don’t give up, don’t take it personally, learn from your experience.

The lesson from this surfer is you just try again. (here was his next wave)

Paul S Allen


Photos ©Paul S Allen 2015


Start the machine – a poem

Start the machine image

Words and Photo ©Paul S Allen 2015 All rights reserved.

Monochrome – the world in black and white

A collection of black and white images I have made. I hope you enjoy them.


Neglected Memories


David Sharkey - Solace

Aaron Hawkins


The lion in the crowd

Sittin' on the dock of the bay

Dancing in the streets.

The End Is The Beginning


Rider of the storm

Photos ©Paul S Allen 2014 & 2015 All rights reserved 
I am always wanting to improve my skills as a photographer, I am particularly working on black and white portraiture at the moment. If you are in Dunedin New Zealand and would be willing to volunteer as a model please contact me.
(Nothing perfect and no guarantees as to quality but you would get a copy of the good portraits and I get the practice.) 

Getting involved – Community Patrols of New Zealand

Are you looking for a way to support your local community?

Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ)

Reducing crime and building safer communities

Community patrols are voluntary groups of people giving some of their time and taking responsibility within their own community to help the Police make the local community safer for everyone.

I have been a member of the South Dunedin Community Patrol for over nine years. It is a great way to support the local community providing observe & report assistance and other duties as required. We work closely with the NZ Police.

Generally this is only a commitment of a four-hour shift per month plus the compulsory training. For the South Dunedin Community Patrol we operate 9.00pm  to 1.00am on Thursday,  Friday and Saturday nights.

Initial and ongoing training is given (compulsory) and there is a police vetting process to be completed.

If you are interested in getting involved and making a difference in your (our) community check out the information on the CPNZ website or ask me for the local South Dunedin contact details or visit the CPNZ website to join a patrol near you.

Paul Allen

Sea Lion Close Encounter

Sea Lion Close Encounter – Smaills Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand

An unsuspecting swimmer at Smaills Beach in Dunedin, New Zealand, had a close encounter with an aggressive sea lion who chased him out of the water.

Speaking with the swimmer afterwards the first thing he noticed was that something touched his leg underwater. The sea lion moved effortlessly through the surf circling the swimmer and lunging at him from time to time. He made a careful but hasty retreat to the safety of the shore while not turning his back on the sea lion.

The swimmer did not hurry back to the water.

The speed and grace of the sea lion travelling through the surf was spectacular to watch.

Sea lion close encounter 1
Photo ©Paul S Allen 2015 All rights reserved.
Sea lion close encounter 2
Photos ©Paul S Allen 2015 All rights reserved.
Sea lion close encounter 4
Photos ©Paul S Allen 2015 All rights reserved.
Sea lion close encounter 5
Photos ©Paul S Allen 2015 All rights reserved.
Sea lion close encounter 6
Photos ©Paul S Allen 2015 All rights reserved.
Sea lion close encounter 7
Photos ©Paul S Allen 2015 All rights reserved.

Photos ©Paul S Allen 2015 All rights reserved.



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