Legislation in Retrospect – Update

“Changes enable police surveillance bill to proceed” (RadioNZ)

I'm Watching You
I’m Watching You

(A follow-up to “Legislation in Retrospect“)

I am pleased that the select committee has changed the Video Camera Surveillance (Temporary Measures) Bill so that it does not apply in retrospect. This is a move in the right direction.


This Government has now clearly stated that they are prepared to change the law to suit their own interests and not in the interests or basic rights of the people whom they represent.

Once a Government brushes against the allegation of corruption (or corruptive practices and intentions) it is stained permanently.

The fact that they even looked at pushing through retrospective legislation in the first place shows the true nature of the current Government. Who is to say that if they had a full governing majority they would not have just forced that legislation through in spite of public objections?

A warning for the future, perhaps?

Paul S Allen
Barb Wire


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  1. I think it’s sad the old footage is not able to be used. The law allowing its use should have been changed ages ago. There is still the thought that you wont get caught, but now with the number of security cameras around and the readily available technology for use of hidden cameras there is more chance of justice being reached and crime perhaps prevented.

    • I do agree that there are some circumstances where police need to use hidden cameras, but retrospective change of law to allow an illegally applied surveillance is a problem.
      I strongly disagree with changing the law to exact an outcome beneficial to the prosecution in a court case. How far will the Government go in future. If an action that is legal today is next year changed to be illegal and that change is retrospectively applied to the time before you took the action and the crown has proof that you did that action, even though at the time it was legal, you would be found guilty. This is a breach of human rights and the sign of a corrupt system.

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